Work package 2: Dietary Impact

Modulation of CKD progression by dietary components

Work package leaders: Fran├žois Verrey and Reto Krapf

Within the framework of dietary impact on kidney function and in particular the progression of chronic kidney disease (CKD), WP2 addresses the question of the contribution of specific Western diet components.
Crucial new insight shall be obtained as regards the mechanisms by which inadequately low salt and high amounts of specific amino acids (over)stimulate specific signalling pathways and thereby favour deleterious effects that increase the rate of CKD progression. These preclinical studies shall lead to suggested dietary measures that may then be tested within this WP in collaboration with the clinical study group.

Two other projects involve clinical studies that will test the impact on kidney function, and/or cardiovascular CKD complications, of interventions that modify phosphate/vitamin D intake and neutralize the nutritional acid load. The proposed studies have in common that they will obey high standards as regards the precision of the outcome measurement and the inclusion of appropriate controls such that they will provide solid conclusions on which potential dietary and/or therapeutic interventions for CKD patients may be proposed.

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