Imaging & Microscopy

Head: Johannes Loffing, University of Zurich

This technical platform supports members of NCCR-Kidney.CH and offers services in all aspects of basic and advanced microscopy including sample preparation, tissue processing, histological and image analysis. The platform collaborates closely with the Competence Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis (CMI) of the Medical Faculty of the University of Zurich (Managing Director: Dr. Urs Ziegler). Together with the CMI, the platform provides access to various state-of-the art light- and electron microscopes.
Special techniques are:

  • automated slide scanning system that allows high-throughput documentation and morphometric analysis of histological specimens
  • high content imaging using state of the art confocal laser scanning microscopes which allows multiparameter imaging of tissue, multiwell plates and semi-automatic screening.
  • system for complex object parametric analysis and sorting (COPAS) that allows large-scale sampling of specific nephron portions for transcriptomic and proteomic analysis as well as for primary cell culture (Miller et al. Am. J. Physiol 291: F236; 2006)
  • laser-microdissection microscope that allows precise tissue sampling from archived histological specimens
  • multiphoton-microscope that allows intravital imaging of organs including the kidney.

Aside from providing technical infrastructure, the platform advices for planning of histological studies (e.g. type of fixation, antigen-retrieval techniques, troubleshooting, morphometry, image-analysis).

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