Rodent Phenotyping

Head: Carsten Wagner, University of Zurich

This technical platform supports members of NCCR-Kidney.CH with state-of-the-art equipment, techniques, and services for physiological phenotyping of rodent models. It collaborates closely with Zurich Integrative Rodent Physiology (ZIRP) - an interdisciplinary core facility within the University of Zurich providing infrastructure and know-how for the advanced analysis of rodent physiology.

The Platform for Rodent Phenotyping offers the following special equipment and techniques:

  • In vivo animal imaging: optical imaging and micro CT
  • laboratory analysis: biochemical profiling, blood gas analysis, osmometry
  • oxygen chambers (hypoxia and hyperoxia)
  • radiotelemetry for continuous recording of blood pressure/heart rate and activity in non-restrained animals

In addition to technical support, the platform will offer any advice for the planning and execution of animal experiments including assistance with all legal and ethical aspects related to animal experimentations.

For further information please contact us.

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