Junior & NPS Grants

Take the next step in your academic career

The objective of the Grants is to foster young scientists in taking a next career step by designing, implementing and leading an own research project within NCCR-Kidney.CH. Three types of grants are foreseen:

  • Junior Grant
    The concept of this grant is to support young scientists for an own project with a grant up to CHF 60’000 per year for a maximum of 3 years. In addition, the associated institute needs to guarantee lab space, equipment and sufficient material support for the project.
  • NPS-Grant
    Young Nephro Physician-Scientist grants are an incentive tool that should allow young physicians to engage in kidney research keeping a foot in clinical work. Furthermore, it supports hiring MDs as postdocs and MD-PhD students.
  • Mini Sabbatical
    Goal of this grant is to give a highly skilled and promising young scientist the opportunity to focus for a certain time (e.g. 6 months) purely on research work, preparation of the postdoctoral lecture qualification (“habilitation”), writing of grant applications,etc. During this time the scientist will receive a supplementary to the salary, which will allow her or him to step back from clinical or teaching duties during this period.

Current NPS call:

The next call for Junior Grant projects is open. Deadline for the pre-proposal: November 18, 2018
For further information please contact us at info@nccr-kidney.ch.

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