Advancement of Women

The objective is to specifically support women in their career planning. The mentoring is meant exclusively for women and shall help to create a supportive environment to address gender specific issues.

Goals of the mentoring programmes are:

  • Supporting young scientists for an academic career
  • Offering networking possibilities
  • Creating a platform for experience exchange (1 to 1 and in groups)
  • Helping balancing work and family responsibilities

Two types of mentoring programmes will be offered to women within our NCCR:

  • 1 to 1 Mentoring (traditional model):
    An experienced person (a mentor) is paired with a less experienced individual (a mentee). Goal is to build a long-term relationship based on mutual trust and shared interests, so that a mentee can best profit from the individual experiences and networks of the mentor.
  • Peer Mentoring:
    Peer mentoring is a model to build a mentoring community de-emphasizing hierarchy and seniority. A self-organized group of female PhD students and postdocs with shared interests are working together towards common goals. The group can be extended with 1-2 professors if wished, to bring in some additional perspectives.

Additional Mentoring programmes:

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