NCCR Kidney.CH was active from 2010 to 2022. The website is currently being maintained but will go offline on April 20, 2025.
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Basic & Clinical Research

We use an integrative physiological approach to learn more about the central role that the kidneys play in the homeostatic regulation of body fluid composition. The research of Kidney.CH is organized in 3 work packages, each of which focuses on a kidney centred homeostatic theme.

Basic & Clinical Research
  • Oxygen


  • Dietary Ions

    Dietary Ions

  • Mineralisation


  • SKSC Research

    SKSC Research

  • Clinical Study Group

    Clinical Study Group

    • Clinical Study Group

      Reference Centre

      Clinical Study Group

      Leader: Uyen Huynh-Do

      This reference center coordinates and supports all aspects in clinical research that is performed or that is being proposed in the NCCR Kidney.CH.

    Goals of the clinical study group

    • Foster clinical research via regular calls for proposals of Human-/Clinical Projects (HCP)
    • Coordination and organization of joint clinical and physiological projects (patients and volunteers) among the 5 faculties of medicine participating in the NCCR Kidney.CH
    • Evaluation and fostering of complementarity and mutual help among the centers (help and performance of/with analytical methods such as assays, volunteers, patients etc.)
    • Securing additional funding
    • Establishing collaboration with existing Clinical Trial Units (CTUs) at Swiss Universities
    • Building-up of sustainability and a new culture for multicenter research and translational transfers (basic science to clinic and the other way round, too) beyond the lifetime of the NCCR

    Approved HCPs 2015

    • Heritability of RBC and Epo traits: towards the identification of novel Epo regulatory factors and functions
      Lead: Roland Wenger, UZH
    • Identification of genes associated with serum phosphate and renal phosphate handling
      Lead: Carsten Wagner, UZH
    • Identification and confirmation of candidate genes responsible for potassium sensitivity of blood pressure - unbiased screening approach
      Lead: Edith Hummler, UniL
    • Calcification propensity score in the SKIPOGH cohorts I and II, followed by clinical correlations and GWAS
      Lead: Andreas Pasch, Inselspital Bern
    • Genome-wide association studies for selected kidney-related phenotypes
      Lead: Murielle Bochud, UniL
    • The effect of dietary phosphate intake on blood pressure regulation and renal sodium chloride excretion in healthy male volunteers
      Lead: Nilufar Mohebbi, USZ
    • Effect of dialysis initiation on serum calcification propensity
      Lead: Sophie de Seigneux, UniGe
    • Investigations into the circulating factors regulating hepatectomy -Induced phosphate wastage in man
      Lead: Alex Odermatt, UniBas
    • Uromodulin as a biomarker for the risk of chronic kidney disease
      Lead: Olivier Devuyst, UZH

    Approved HCPs 2016

    • Generating kidney‐related phenotypes in GWAS cohorts
      Lead: Olivier Devuyst, UZH
    • Validation of Candidate Proteins Involved in Vascular Calcification and Mortality of Chronic Kidney Disease Patients
      Lead: Alex Odermatt, UniBas
    • Reciprocal effects of sodium intake and potassium intakes on renal sodium and potassium handling and balance in normal subjects & Establishment and validation of testing NCC in humans via acute inhibition by intravenous chlorothiazide
      Lead: Eric Feraille, UniGe and Reto Krapf, Klinik St. Anna
    • Chronic fetal hypoxia induces intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) and premature aging: further functional characterization and molecular mechanisms
      Lead: Uyen Huynh-Do, Inselspital Bern
    • Comparison of food intake and physical activity between a cohort of stone formers and the general population using validated Food Frequency Questionnaires (FFQ) and Physical Activity Frequency Questionnaires (PAFQ)
      Lead: Idris Guessous, HUG
    • Control Cohort of subjects without stones and renal diseases, built on the SKSC protocol
      Lead: Olivier Bonny, SKSC
    • Establishment and validation of a novel method for the assessment of Calcium Phosphate crystallization propensity of urine
      Lead: Andreas Pasch, Inselspital Bern
    • Contribution of specific human phosphate transporters to renal phosphate handling
      Lead: Carsten Wagner, UZH
    • Anemia in individuals with CKD: deleterious role of arterial stiffness and blood volume-regulating hormones and correction by exercise
      Lead: Sophie De Seigneux, UniGe

    Approved HCPs 2017

    • Uromodulin and kidney stone propensity: Studies in the Swiss Kidney Stone Cohort
      Lead: Olivier Devuyst, UZH
    • Generation of Novel Antibodies Against Total and Phosphorylated NCC, alpha-ENaC, and Klotho and Their Experimental Validation in Gitelman Patients
      Lead: Johannes Loffing, UZH
    • Dynamic Measurement of Renal Functional Reserve as a Predictor of Long-Term Renal Function
      Lead: Thomas Müller, USZ
    • Role of ENaC in the effects of intake on renal sodium and potassium handling and balance in humans
      Lead: Eric Feraille, UniGe

    Approved HCPs 2018

    • Role of ENaC in the effects of intake on renal sodium and potassium handling and balance in humans
      Lead: Eric Feraille, UniGe
    • Effect of hypoxia on renal control of plasma volume
      Lead: Eric Feraille, UniGe
    • Dietary phosphate intake: role of divalent cations in phosphate absorption of dairy products
      Lead: Sophie De Seigneux, UniGe

    Approved HCPs 2019

    • Nutrients analysis in Swiss stone formers using FoodCASE®
      Lead: Olivier Bonny, UniL
    • Validation of a novel method for the assessment of Calcium Phosphate crystallization propensity of urine samples from the SKSC
      Lead: Olivier Bonny, UniL and Andreas Pasch, Inselspital Bern
    • Vitamin D-24 Hydroxylase (CYP24A1) Deficiency and Idiopathic Calcium Nephrolithiasis
      Lead: Daniel Fuster, Inselspital Bern
    • Novel Epo regulating transcription factors
      Lead: David Hoogewijs, Unifr
    • The role of macrophage-derived Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in adrenal gland homeostasis, ion balance and blood pressure control
      Lead: Christian Stockmann, UZH