NCCR Kidney.CH was active from 2010 to 2022. The website is currently being maintained but will go offline on April 20, 2025.
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Career Planning at NCCR Kidney.CH

Kidney.CH is an equal opportunity employer and supports young scientists in the planning and advancement of their academic careers. We offer several education programmes, as well as a wide range of additional training and career building opportunities.

Career Planning at NCCR Kidney.CH
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    CAS/DAS in Translational Nephrology

    The postgraduate programme in translational nephrology was developed in the context of the NCCR Kidney.CH in cooperation with the IKPP programme and the Health Sciences e-Training (HSeT) Foundation.

    The different modules provide relevant insights into the basics of nephrology by studying the genetic, morphological, and functional basis of kidney function in health and disease. Starting with key articles from the literature and with clinical cases illustrating the translational aspects, the relevant topics are explored by blended-learning including face-to-face sessions with module leaders and tutors, oral presentations, access to annotated online-resources, self-guided learning, and assessments.

    After successful participation and depending on the achieved ECTS-points, the University of Bern awards the degree “Certificate of Advanced Studies” (CAS) or “Diploma of Advanced Studies” (DAS).

    Summer School

    The international European Kidney Summer School (EUKISS) brings together experts in kidney research and diseases to discuss in a stimulating and interactive setting with participants the basis of kidney functions and their relevance for kidney disease. Small group case discussions highlight both common and rare forms of kidney disease. Participants are invited to present their research projects during the poster session.

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