NCCR Kidney.CH was active from 2010 to 2022. The website is currently being maintained but will go offline on April 20, 2025.
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Career Planning at NCCR Kidney.CH

Kidney.CH is an equal opportunity employer and supports young scientists in the planning and advancement of their academic careers. We offer several education programmes, as well as a wide range of additional training and career building opportunities.

Career Planning at NCCR Kidney.CH
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    Family & Work

    Balancing family and work

    Kidney.CH is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage all scientists with families to submit applications for positions within the NCCR. In general, career breaks due to parental leave are not seen as a disadvantage and typical age limits (e.g ~40 years in the case for an assistant professorship) will not apply for women or men having had a parental leave.

    We are committed to create whenever possible the necessary structures (e.g. meeting structures, flexible work hours) to support balancing family responsibilities.

    Further, we offer following financial support:

    Flexibility Grant

    This SNSF grant allows an extending part-time employment, or covering child care costs, so that there is no, or only a minimal delay in research work.

    Applications must be made in writing to the NCCR management office, using the specific application form.

    The managing team (NCCR director, vice-director and project manager) plus the representative(s) from Education & Training and Advancement of Women approve or disapprove candidate applications.

    Child care support

    In line with Marie Heim Voegtlin (MHV) guidelines, the NCCR Kidney.CH provides financial support for child care services.

    Please submit the application form to

    Maternity leave compensation

    This Kidney.CH grant compensates the financial gap, which occurs for Kidney.CH groups with a maternity leave of a female scientists. It reimburses the part of the salary, which is not covered by the insurance and therewith supports the groups to continue their projects.

    Please send an email to for further information and proceedings.