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The NCCR Kidney.CH uses several channels to inform scientists and the general public about the research progress and the activities of the network. Recent publications, Newsletter editions and media releases can be found below. For the latest news and activities, please follow us on Twitter.

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    • NCCR Kidney.CH Newsletter No. 22

      Nov 2021

      Newsletter No. 22

      Cover Story

      The Virtual Kidney


      Dr. Thomas Naert

      • NCCR says “Hello, kidney!” at Scientifica 2021
      • Zurich Kidney Centre to launch at University of Zurich
      • #NCCRWomen campaign celebrates women in research
    • NCCR Kidney.CH Newsletter No. 21

      Dec 2020

      Newsletter No. 21

      Cover Story

      Ion transport activity and tubular metabolism are linked in kidney disease


      Prof. Ruxandra Bachmann-Gagescu

      • New electrophysiology platform launched
      • NCCR scientist wins Stern-Gattiker prize
      • NCCR-sponsored IPAHK+ trial gets "POSH"
    • NCCR Kidney.CH Newsletter No. 20

      July 2020

      Newsletter No. 20

      Cover Story

      Alkaline therapy: Truth or myth?


      Carving a niche in kidney repair

      • NCCR Kidney.CH Minisymposium in Interlaken
      • Junior Grant Awardees 2020
      • NCCR member co-develops exciting new imaging technology
      • UZH Anatomy & Physiology jumps to 11th place worldwide
    • NCCR Kidney.CH Newsletter No. 19

      Nov 2019

      Newsletter No. 19

      Cover Story

      Growing kidneys in the lab


      Clinician and researcher

      • Successful start for first EUKISS
      • CAS/DAS Module 5 concluded–start of the new cycle
      • Junior Grant Awardees 2019
      • IPAHK+ got under way
      • Awards to NCCR Kidney.CH members
    • NCCR Kidney.CH Newsletter No. 18

      July 2019

      Newsletter No. 18

      Cover Story

      Suffocating kidney fibrosis


      The right mix of research and teaching: ideal for fostering the spirit of cooperation

      • NCCR Kidney.CH Retreat 2019
      • EUKISS - Summer School 2019
      • Farewell Jens, Welcome Romina
    • NCCR Kidney.CH Newsletter No. 17

      Dec 2018

      Newsletter No. 17

      Cover Story

      Is phosphate toxic?


      A passion for complex problems

      • NCCR Kidney.CH & TRENAL Summer School 2018: From renal physiology to kidney disease
      • Junior Grants 2018
      • Farewell Symposium for François Verrey: The Kidney & Transport
      • CAS/DAS In Translational Nephrology: modules 3 & 4
    • NCCR Kidney.CH Newsletter No. 16

      June 2018

      Newsletter No. 16

      Cover Story

      It takes two to tango


      From a spark to a flame

      • 8th International Kidney.CH Symposium - Systems Biology & Precision Medicine
      • Kidney experts gather for annual retreat
      • Enrol in the first summer school
    • Kidney.CH Newsletter No.15

      Dec 2017

      Newsletter No. 15

      Cover Story

      One size does not fit all


      Between the clinic and the lab

      • 3rd joint NCCR workshop: Career development and application training
      • CAS/DAS Translational Nephrology: module 1 & 2
      • 3rd Kidney Stone Symposium 2018
      • Junior Grants 2017
    • Side Effects of Chronic Kidney Disease

      June 2017

      Newsletter No. 14

      Cover Story

      Side effects of chronic kidney disease


      Balancing family and a scientific career

      • 5th e-learning module completed - CAS/DAS in Translational Nephrology
      • NCCR Kidney.CH Retreat 2017
      • Results of the 5th HCP call
      • Poster Award 2017
    • Piecing the parts together

      Nov 2016

      Newsletter No. 13

      Cover Story

      Piecing the parts together


      The NCCR Kidney.CH is expanding its education programme

      • 2nd joint NCCR workshop: Learning to work together
      • E-learning module 5 started: Metabolism and CKD
      • Junior Grants 2016
      • Results of the 4th HCP call
    • Doping for the sick kidney

      June 2016

      Newsletter No. 12

      Cover Story

      Doping for the sick kidney


      Computers shed light on homeostatic processes

      • NCCR Kidney.CH Retreat 2016
      • Forth e-learning module completed
      • More than 100 scientists gather at 1st Swiss Kidney Stone Symposium
      • International Symposium "Pumping, channelling and exchanging"
      • Joint NCCR workshop on interdisciplinary collaboration
    • A Better Understanding of Kidney Stones

      Dec 2015

      Newsletter No. 11

      Cover Story

      A better understanding of kidney stones


      Careers within the NCCR Kidney.CH

      • Joint NCCR workshop: Studying and sharing
      • E-learning module 4 launched: Oxygen homeostasis
      • Junior Grants 2015
      • Results of the 2nd HCP call
    • What we eat ...or the impact of our diet on our kidneys

      June 2015

      Newsletter No. 10

      Cover Story

      What we eat... or the impact of our diet on our kidneys


      How our food leads to high blood pressure

      • Third Kidney.CH e-learning module completed
      • Retreat 2015: Exchange of experience
      • Results of the 1st HCP call
    • Deciphering the importance of uromodulin

      Dec 2014

      Newsletter No. 9

      Cover Story

      Deciphering the importance of uromodulin


      How our genes influence the kidney's self-regulation

      • Focus on clinical research
      • Renowned scientists join Advisory Board
      • New Junior Grant
      • E-learning module 3 started: Calcium and phosphate metabolism
    • Calcification - How to improve kidney patients' life expectancies

      June 2014

      Newsletter No. 8

      Cover Story

      Calcification - How to improve kidney patients' life expectancies


      Hypertension with a grain of salt

      • Impressions from the Kidney.CH Retreat 2014
      • Positive feedback for second Kidney.CH e-learning module
      • News from the Kidney.CH Management Office: Goodbye Matthias - Welcome Jens!
    • Swiss Kidney Stone Cohort

      Dec 2013

      Newsletter No. 7

      Cover Story

      Swiss kidney stone cohort


      Where engineering, medicine,
      and biology meet

      • E-learning module 2 started
      • 3rd int. Kidney.CH Symposium
    • Seeing is believing: Multiphoton imaging of the functional kidney

      June 2013

      Newsletter No. 6

      Cover Story

      Seeing is believing


      Curiosity and improvement

      • E-Learning
      • Retreat 2013
      • Congratulations
    • New tools for genome engeneering

      Dec 2012

      Newsletter No. 5

      Cover Story

      New tools for genome engineering


      The Kidney.CH network is of great importance

      • Swiss kidney stone cohort
      • Symposium 2012
      • Computational modelling
      • Progress report approved
    • Building Switzerland's next Generation of Renal Physiologists

      June 2012

      Newsletter No. 4

      Cover Story

      Building Switzerland’s next Generation
      of Renal Physiologists


      Research is the Creative Element

      • Student’s Day
      • Junior Grants
      • New Participants
      • Thank you Felix Frey!
    • Love, Life, Oxygen

      Dec 2011

      Newsletter No. 3

      Cover Story

      Love, Life, Oxygen


      Life is not a path that is fixed at the very beginning

      • E-Learning Pilot Project for Basic Principles in Nephrology
      • Kidney.CH Symposium 2011
      • Progress Report approved
    • Do we Sense Phosphate?

      Apr 2011

      Newsletter No. 2

      Cover Story

      Do we sense Phosphate


      1947: Reubi meets Homer Smith

      • Core Facility for Rodent Physiology
      • 1st Kidney.CH Student's Day
    • Keeping the Balance

      Dec 2010

      Newsletter No. 1

      Cover Story

      Keeping the Balance


      When Geneva met Odema

      • Olivier Devuyst joins Kidney.CH
      • 1st Kidney.CH student's day
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