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The NCCR Kidney.CH uses several channels to inform scientists and the general public about the research progress and the activities of the network. Recent publications, Newsletter editions and media releases can be found below. For the latest news and activities, please follow us on Twitter.

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    Publications (Highlights of phase 2)

    Selection of publications from each Work Package (WP)

    WP1 (OXYGEN)

    Schuh C D, Haenni D, Craigie E, Ziegler U, Weber B, Devuyst O and Hall A M (2015) "Long wavelength multiphoton excitation is advantageous for intravital kidney imaging", Kidney International (doi: 10.1038/ki.2015.323)[Epub ahead of print]

    Lelli A, Nolan KA, Santambrogio S, Gonçalves AF, Schönenberger MJ, Guinot A, Frew IJ, Marti HH, Hoogewijs D, Wenger RH (2015). "Induction of long noncoding RNA MALAT1 in hypoxic mice", Hypoxia (3): 45-52

    Hall, A. M., A. Vilasi, I. Garcia-Perez, M. Lapsley, C. L. Alston, R. D. Pitceathly, R. McFarland, A. M. Schaefer, D. M. Turnbull, N. J. Beaumont, J. J. Hsuan, P. R. Cutillas, J. C. Lindon, E. Holmes, R. J. Unwin, R. W. Taylor, G. S. Gorman, S. Rahman and M. G. Hanna (2015). "The urinary proteome and metabonome differ from normal in adults with mitochondrial disease ." Kidney Int 87(3): 610-622.

    Olgac, U. and V. Kurtcuoglu (2015). "Renal oxygenation: preglomerular vasculature is an unlikely contributor to renal oxygen shunting." Am J Physiol Renal Physiol 308(7): F671-688.

    Frew, I. J. and H. Moch (2015). "A clearer view of the molecular complexity of clear cell renal cell carcinoma ." Annu Rev Pathol 10: 263-289.


    Guetg, A., L. Mariotta, L. Bock, B. Herzog, R. Fingerhut, S. M. Camargo and F. Verrey (2015). "Essential amino acid transporter Lat4 (Slc43a2) is required for mouse development." J Physiol 593(5): 1273-1289.

    Vuille-dit-Bille, R. N., S. M. Camargo, L. Emmenegger, T. Sasse, E. Kummer, J. Jando, Q. M. Hamie, C. F. Meier, S. Hunziker, Z. Forras-Kaufmann, S. Kuyumcu, M. Fox, W. Schwizer, M. Fried, M. Lindenmeyer, O. Gotze and F. Verrey (2015). "Human intestine luminal ACE2 and amino acid transporter expression increased by ACE-inhibitors." Amino Acids 47(4): 693-705.

    Milkereit, R., A. Persaud, L. Vanoaica, A. Guetg, F. Verrey and D. Rotin (2015). "LAPTM4b recruits the LAT1-4F2hc Leu transporter to lysosomes and promotes mTORC1 activation." Nat Commun 6: 7250.

    Wu, Z., Y. Yu, C. Liu, Y. Xiong, J. P. Montani, Z. Yang and X. F. Ming (2015). "Role of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase in vascular endothelial aging: interaction with Arginase-II and S6K1 signaling pathway." Aging (Albany NY) 7(1): 70-81.

    Hulter, H. N. and R. Krapf (2015). "Measured glomerular filtration rate is the goal, but how to measure it?" Nephrol Dial Transplant.


    Albano, G., M. Moor, S. Dolder, M. Siegrist, C. A. Wagner, J. Biber, N. Hernando, W. Hofstetter, O. Bonny and D. G. Fuster (2015). "Sodium-dependent phosphate transporters in osteoclast differentiation and function ." PLoS One 10(4): e0125104.

    Hernando, N., K. Myakala, F. Simona, T. Knopfel, L. Thomas, H. Murer, C. A. Wagner and J. Biber (2015). "Intestinal Depletion of NaPi-IIb/Slc34a2 in Mice: Renal and Hormonal Adaptation." J Bone Miner Res.

    Schlingmann, K. P., J. Ruminska, M. Kaufmann, I. Dursun, M. Patti, B. Kranz, E. Pronicka, E. Ciara, T. Akcay, D. Bulus, E. A. Cornelissen, A. Gawlik, P. Sikora, L. Patzer, M. Galiano, V. Boyadzhiev, M. Dumic, A. Vivante, R. Kleta, B. Dekel, E. Levtchenko, R. J. Bindels, S. Rust, I. C. Forster, N. Hernando, G. Jones, C. A. Wagner and M. Konrad (2015). "Autosomal-Recessive Mutations in SLC34A1 Encoding Sodium-Phosphate Cotransporter 2A Cause Idiopathic Infantile Hypercalcemia." J Am Soc Nephrol.

    Verouti, S. N., E. Boscardin, E. Hummler and S. Frateschi (2015). "Regulation of blood pressure and renal function by NCC and ENaC: lessons from genetically engineered mice." Curr Opin Pharmacol 21: 60-72.

    Rizzo, F. and O. Staub (2015). "NEDD4-2 and salt-sensitive hypertension." Curr Opin Nephrol Hypertens 24(2): 111-116.


    Dhayat NA, Schaller A, Albano G, Poindexter J, Griffith C, Pasch A, Gallati S, Vogt B, Moe OW, Fuster DG (2015); "The Vacuolar H+-ATPase B1 Subunit Polymorphism p.E161K Associates with Impaired Urinary Acidification in Recurrent Stone Formers", J Am Soc Nephrol.(pii: ASN.2015040367) [Epub ahead of print]

    Babinsky, V. N., F. M. Hannan, S. C. Youhanna, C. Marechal, M. Jadoul, O. Devuyst and R. V. Thakker (2015). "Association Studies of Calcium-Sensing Receptor (CaSR) Polymorphisms with Serum Concentrations of Glucose and Phosphate, and Vascular Calcification in Renal Transplant Recipients ." PLoS One 10(3): e0119459.

    Eckardt, K. U., S. L. Alper, C. Antignac, A. J. Bleyer, D. Chauveau, K. Dahan, C. Deltas, A. Hosking, S. Kmoch, L. Rampoldi, M. Wiesener, M. T. Wolf and O. Devuyst (2015). "Autosomal dominant tubulointerstitial kidney disease: diagnosis, classification,
    and management-A KDIGO consensus report." Kidney Int.

    Labriola, L., E. Olinger, H. Belge, Y. Pirson, K. Dahan and O. Devuyst (2015). "Paradoxical response to furosemide in uromodulin-associated kidney disease." Nephrol Dial Transplant 30(2): 330-335.

    Smith, E. R., M. L. Ford, L. A. Tomlinson, E. Bodenham, L. P. McMahon, S. Farese, C. Rajkumar, S. G. Holt and A. Pasch (2014). "Serum calcification propensity predicts all-cause mortality in predialysis CKD." J Am Soc Nephrol 25(2): 339-348.

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