NCCR Kidney.CH was active from 2010 to 2022. The website is currently being maintained but will go offline on April 20, 2025.
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Career Planning at NCCR Kidney.CH

Kidney.CH is an equal opportunity employer and supports young scientists in the planning and advancement of their academic careers. We offer several education programmes, as well as a wide range of additional training and career building opportunities.

Career Planning at NCCR Kidney.CH
  • Education


  • Career Grants

    Career Grants

  • Conferences
& Mobility

    & Mobility

  • Mentoring


  • Trainings


    Advancing personal skills

    The goal is to support our young scientists in advancing their personal skills in various topics relevant for their career path such as:

    • Scientific writing
    • Application for grant funding
    • Presentation skills
    • Leadership skills
    • Lab and project management
    • etc.

    The NCCR Kidney.CH organizes its own workshops or, alternatively, junior scientists can apply for financial support for further education events of this kind.

  • Family & Work

    Family & Work