NCCR Kidney.CH was active from 2010 to 2022. The website is currently being maintained but will go offline on April 20, 2025.
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Career Planning at NCCR Kidney.CH

Kidney.CH is an equal opportunity employer and supports young scientists in the planning and advancement of their academic careers. We offer several education programmes, as well as a wide range of additional training and career building opportunities.

Career Planning at NCCR Kidney.CH
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    Career Grants

    Career Grants

    The objective of the different Career Grants is to foster young scientists in taking a next career step by designing, implementing and leading an own research project within the NCCR Kidney.CH.

    Junior Grant

    The Junior Grant supports young scientists for an own project with up to CHF 60’000 per year for a maximum of 3 years. In addition, the associated institute needs to guarantee lab space, equipment and sufficient material support for the project.

    The grants are awarded in a competitive procedure involving the Kidney.CH Steering Committee and Advisory Board. There is a yearly call for Junior Grant proposals.

    The 10th and last call was launched in October 2019. Since the NCCR Kidney.CH only runs until 2022, there will be no further calls.

    NPS Grant

    The Nephro Physician-Scientist (NPS) Grant is an incentive tool that should allow young physicians to engage in kidney research keeping a foot in clinical work. Furthermore, it supports hiring MDs as postdocs and MD-PhD students.

    The final application deadline for NPS grants was January 21, 2020. No further applications will be considered.

    Mini Sabbatical

    The aim of this grant is to offer highly skilled and promising young scientist the opportunity to focus for a certain time (e.g. 6 months) purely on research work, preparation of the postdoctoral lecture qualification (“habilitation”), writing of grant applications, etc. During this time the scientist will receive a supplementary to the salary, which will allow her or him to step back from clinical or teaching duties.

    The final application deadline for Mini-Sabbatical grants was January 21, 2020. No further applications will be considered.

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